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accounts has never been this easy...

Unified Solution

Elevate your sneaker game with our all-in-one solution, merging toolbox power with SNKRS and FLX bot modules!

CLI Focused on User Experience

Cheema Robotics has been designed to be a simple and intuitive command-line interface that can be used by anyone!

Fully Automated

Cheema Robotics is fully automated with SMS, captcha, and IMAP support. Just set up tasks and enjoy your day!

Task Efficiency

Cheema Robotics has been built to have great success and efficiency. Allowing users to run thousands of tasks!

Anti-Bot Protection Solutions

We pride ourselves on our in-house anti-bot protection solutions. We are able to avoid bot detection with our modules designed to mimic human behavior!


Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist all of our members!


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